Information on finnish admissions for 2010.

Admission Process for Bachelor Level

    Application Period: 11 January 2010 - 12 February 2010 For Degree programs applying through Joint Application System.

    Apply Through: Joint Application System at for Bachelor's Degree and polytechnic programs.

    Important Update: IELTS bar is raised this year to 6.0 minimum for students applying Bachelor's Degree.

Admission Process for Master's and Post Graduate Level

    Application Period: December 2009 - February 2010 for University programs depending upon the particular university calendar.

    Apply Through:

        * University Admissions at for affiliated University Programs.

        * Individual college or university address for rest of the institutions.

    Basic Requirements:

        * IELTS bar is raised this year to minimum 6.5 for Master's Degree. However some particular programs may also need more than 6.5.

        * Motivation Letter or Statement of Purpose (SOP) depending upon the program or university.

        * Minimum Two Letter of Recommendations, at least one from academic institution of your previous degree or thesis or final year project supervisor.

        * Business related programs will have assigned tasks on college websites. So, these tasks should be also completed and submitted while applying.

        * Post Graduate studies requires Concept paper of your intended research of Research outline.