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Step 2
Ping your Blog. That is whenever you add new information or new post on your blog,
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Publish your articles into .pdf format and upload to the sites below.
If you don’t have the software  for publishing e-books into .pdf format contact me.
Step 4
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Step 5
Look out for peoples problem that your Blog provide  answers to on this forums and contribute
Step 6
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What topic should I write about?
This is the first fundamental and most important decision and the first point where everything can go wrong.
Of you choose the wrong topic then you begin walking down the wrong path and it might be months before you recover.
You must always remember that content is very important if you need traffic  to your blog.
Here’s some common mistakes people make when choosing a topic to write a blog about:
1.    Don’t pick subject just because you see others make money from writing about it.
2.    Avoid writing subjects you are passionate about, but very few other people are.
3.    Be careful not to write about too diverse range of subjects, your blog must have a focus.
4.    Don’t base a blog on topic you have minimal practical experience in or topics you know little about.

How To Hide Your IP-ADDRESS.

If you want to hide your ass on the internet using internet explorer  browser
Download the latest version of ultrasurf  from
 open it and you will see some king of padlock on your screen.
Now check your IP at:
you will see that you are using American IP.

Note: Ultrasurf works  with INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY; It does not work with MOZILLA,OPERA and some other browsers.
You can check to your IP on mozilla and IE after you have open your ULTRASURF. You will see that the IPs are different.
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